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Buy it from any local store for pickup. Get it in minutes!

How it works!

  • I find what I want, in stock, at stores near me
  • I place the order on the store’s website/app for in-store or curbside pickup
  • I share the order information through Samyata Swift with my personal shopper
  • I choose my favorite Samyata Personal Shopper or I can let the system find a local one for me
  • I choose what I pay my personal shopper
  • My personal shopper works with me, communicating through Samyata Swift, to get what I want
  • I can track my delivery every step of the way
  • Faster than ecommerce delivery or picking it up myself and more convenient
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I buy Ethically and Locally - doing good and meeting my needs

  • I can buy from local stores - supporting the local economy
  • My personal shoppers are local and I’m creating local jobs
  • Buying ethically and locally helps the environment


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Gananam Store

For Store Owners

  • Set my store up for curbside or pickup in-store and delivery
  • Delivery service at no cost to my store
  • Sell from my store - not a fulfillment center - to local customers

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For Personal Shoppers

  • Be my own boss
  • All I need to run my personal shopping business
  • My clients, My time, My rates

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For Everyone

  • Pay for it your way with deyaPayTM in Bodaty apps and webapps
  • Pay for it any way you want or split the cost with friends, using deyaPay. Use deyaPay balance, Credit Cards, and ACH.

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